Sunday, July 8, 2018

Goin' Back

For maybe the first time in my life, I'm not waiting on anything. Graduation. Promotion. Marriage. Big show. Summer. Mail. Divorce. Inspiration. Destination. My hair to grow out. Peace. Love.

My precious rock'n'roll seems quaint. Those folks who sang and wrote about it never ending are AARP members. The ones who are alive at all.

The principles that were the basis for the founding of this nation are being dismantled before my eyes. Literally. I watch the occurrence on cable news. Oh, we're number one, as usual. We now set the fashion for fascism and inequality. We step over homeless people, arrest children fleeing violence and allow people to die without medical treatment while tyrants tweet from gilded toilets. War has been our major industry for a generation. My generation.

The drift to the right picks up steam. It's palpable. 

My beloved Sunday school, where I learned the important lessons to put the finishing touches on Lottie's words, has been appropriated by evangelical thugs who twist bible verses for political advantage and profit. Oh, how I wish that I believed in hell so that I could know that those guys were gonna burn there.

There you go- they've got me spewing hate. Of course I don't want anyone burning anywhere.

Love may not be fashionable. I'm not, either. Sometimes graphic artists like Milton Glaser paint big red hearts and make a lot of money. Occasionally writers like John Lennon can shout "All You Need Is Love" and we can all sing along. He's quoted, you know, as saying that it was the most important thing he ever wrote.

Proudly out of fashion, let me tell you that love flows through my veins. I love you.


  1. So true. Love is an action word and we are most rewarded when we help others.

  2. You got it right on this one. We're spinning backwards on our heels - I never knew the Dark Ages held so much allure to so many people. I've never seen so many people who don't seem to know much and understand less, yet seem so proud of it. Whatever it is, they're against it. I never knew peace, love and understanding were could be offensive.