Thursday, July 12, 2018

Geography Lessons

Sometimes I struggle. Lately I've struggled. Now I find myself in the middle of a re-set. Do I change or is it the world around me? Does it really make any difference?

Everywhere I look there seem to be lonely saints.

Is it not obvious that war kills people? Not soldiers alone. Babies, civilians, invalids. Seems that we join forces with the side standing up to the baby killers. The history books reveal later that our side kills babies, too.

In my despair, a flicker of hope remains. Barely. Rock breaks scissors, but that's not always the match. Love breaks hate. Eventually.

Give us peace on earth and end this dreadful, dreadful war.

1 comment:

  1. This country kills far too many babies. And others. As well as pets, livestock, wildlife. Schools are destroyed, as well as churches, temples, mosques. Infrastructures are destroyed and damaged, leaving raw sewage and bad or no water. More die. Jobs are lost, businesses, livlihoods.
    In the existence of the USA there have only been 20 some years that the country was not in at least a skirmish at some point during the year. Only 10% of casualties of war are combatants. It is the innocent who are killed or worse, maimed for life with a miserable existence.
    USA spends 5X that of #2 China on it's military, and spends more than #2 thru #10 combined. Money that could be spent for better, health care, infrastructure, rehabilitation.
    But spending less would not sit well with those that profit from war, to the tune of billions. Lobbyists, legislators fueled by power and greed, large corporations. They are the ones who could do something. They won't.