Saturday, July 21, 2018

Give Me All Your Money

There are concepts that I have trouble accepting. Money is one of them. Who do you suppose decided that some green paper determines your station in life? My guess is some guy with a printing press. Why do we pay Steve Mnuchin a big salary to print the stuff while we put other crooks in the pokey for the same deal? You can't tell me that we all agreed on Mr. Mnuchin. I didn't vote for him. In fact, I would put him in jail!

Speaking of jails, there's another one. We all know that there are lots of innocent folks in our prisons. We all know, too, that Erik Prince breaks laws routinely. I hate to pick on him,,,
no, wait- I love the idea of picking on him.

You see what I'm getting at here. Our system of justice, which is my second concept that I don't comprehend, is all based on the green paper thing.

Am I supposed to believe that man has some divine dominion of the earth because of this green paper idea? I may be naive and I may be slow but I'm smarter than that.

Tomorrow let's discuss our political system. The one where the guy who got fewer votes steals green paper from us and is protected by guys who should be in prison but, instead, make the rules because they draw lines on the map to get themselves elected by a minority so that they can help them hoard green paper.

If it sounds like I'm preaching revolution, I'm not. It is, however, a concept that I understand.

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