Monday, July 9, 2018

Here's Mud In Your Eye

Do you suppose that there is really good and bad in men's souls or do you think that maybe we just find patterns? I'm not sure which I want to believe.

Genes are behind the dark side of the soul. I understand that. On the other hand, rocks led to knives and spears. Knives led to guns and guns to bombs. Now, we either jiggle the genes or the jig's up. You can quote me.

If we took all the military budgets we could rescue all the dogs and cats in shelters, perform all the surgeries to repair children's cleft palates and put the homeless people on the street into vacant hotel rooms. We'd have enough change to throw parties all over the world. No plastic straws, please.

How much darkness hides in my heart and in my genes? I don't know. I do know that I've got enough love and little enough sense to hold onto all the hope that I was born with.

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