Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Love Yourself

All the gold in the world won't buy your self-respect. Turns out that I squandered the last of my libido on fantasy. That's okay. Sometimes the beauty of humanity blinds me like a left fielder losing a pop fly in the sun.

If you don't believe in ghosts you just don't dream and I feel sorry for you.

My Chicken Little rants about the demise of rock'n'roll was decades late. That horse was out of the barn and over that fence before I piped up. The seeds of fear and loss were planted in 1956 when publishers figured out that "Will Calypso Kill Rock'n'Roll?" and "Pat Replaces Elvis" covers sold magazines. I bought 'em all.

If it seems that I'm rambling here it's just that I'm not connecting these thoughts for you. It's all of a piece. I promise. 

She hopes I won't bother her again and fears that maybe I won't.

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  1. I just don't think anyone expected rock'n'roll to last more than a few years. Stan Freberg assumed the big band of his youth was going to come back. But rock wasn't going anywhere; WW2 baby boom brought out an entire generation within 10 years, all brought up on rock, and the waves kept coming in - it would just mutate into different strata -