Friday, January 12, 2018

Leave It On The Curb

My memories of intolerance and hate are refreshed in my mind by the news on television tonight. Rock'n'roll saved me, saved my culture, back then. I had been brought up with a strong sense of tolerance for people and a lack of tolerance for war.

Where's my rock'n'roll now?

Every religion is founded on love and most wars are fought in the name of religion. Hypocrisy and greed are nothing new. They've been bedfellows forever.

You want more than your share of the pie? You say you want the whole danged pie and the pie plate, too?

Well, sir, there are tools at your disposal. Fear and ignorance make for a good start.

A big part of the problem is that those folks think that you want the whole pie, too. Donald J. Trump thinks that you would collude and cheat and lie, too, but that you're just not as smart as he is. I don't mean to pick on him but he's just so handy. Oh, wait- yeah, I mean to pick on him.

There are tools to fight the tyranny, too. Peace and love and truth are good places to start. That brings us back to rock'n'roll, doesn't it?

Come on, rock'n'roll, save us again.

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