Saturday, January 27, 2018

Long Fuses

My heart opens and I find it easier to see the beauty and the truth in all people that I come across. Mankind seems desperate to destroy the earth and everything on the earth, mankind included.

I write those two statements and I have a problem matching them up. The darkness in people I don't want to see. Cable news is always there to remind me. So are the great novels from the last two centuries.

If I sit quietly in meditation seeking peace, it doesn't stop any bombs falling in Syria.

The pieces of the puzzle are obvious to me. Love. Greed. Compassion. Ignorance. Empathy. Intolerance.

Technology gives one side the edge. Always has. The one with the rock and the big stick prevails. The army with the nuclear weapons wins. The enemy with the spyware drills into the culture and dominates its politics.

We give the brilliant scientists peace prizes for their achievements. Politicians commandeer the technology and put it to use in order to feel better about their manhood. Captains of industry manufacture a surplus of weaponry and bribe "elected officials" to purchase all that rolls off the assembly line.

I didn't elect any of these officials. They don't represent me.

In my country we find car bombs evil and deplorable. They are. We consider rockets with warheads and bombers longer than football fields defense. Isn't it obvious that they're evil and deplorable, too? When a little megalomaniac rolls his toys out north of the 38th parallel and the crowds cheer, it chills our blood.

Either we speed up the evolutionary process or we watch the doomsday play out.

May I suggest that we stop allowing idiots to make these decisions? Do those folks represent you? I didn't think so.

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