Monday, January 8, 2018

Keep It To Myself

My life has been about as perfect as a life this long can be. When I think back about my dreams as a twelve year old, I've pretty much had it all. You never get used to loss, of course. Now I've got less to lose.

If I ramble even more than usual these days it's because I have so much in front of me that I just really can't seem to talk about.

What about the death of rock'n'roll, Elizabeth Taylor's love life and the time that you had to ride from Yeehaw Junction to Miami, flat on your back in a U-Haul trailer, you ask?

Well, I'll get back to the misadventures of a misspent youth that lasted for several decades too long here soon. For the time being I'm trying to pay attention and I'm trying not to. 

My only advice to you is to love just as hard as you can.