Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Starting Over Starting Over

Well, the ignorant have figured it out. Indignation. Good one. Well played. To criticize folks voting against their own interests, rejecting science and clinging to news that strains credulity is to be branded a bully by the ignorant, themselves. 

Now most of the 1% are not ignorant. Oh, I know that a good many of them inherited their jewels but it takes a modicum of good sense to hang on to what came in Grandma's will. Obviously they can't rely on their own numbers to control a government. I'm betting that Charles and David Koch watch Survivor.

Throw in with the ignorant, pardon my indelicacy, and you've got the government. Find candidates who promise heaven, coal, respect, winnable wars and a fair-skinned Jesus and you're staying on the island. The continent in this case.

U.S.A! U.S.A!

The problem in such a simplification of our predicament is the implication that all people of means are selfish. Worse, maybe, is the idea that the uneducated are all bigots and selfish.

If we separate into haves and have-nots, intellectuals and uneducated, evangelicals and heathens, they win. Now it really is time to take back our country and maybe even make America great again.

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