Friday, April 7, 2017

Fuzzy Dice

The list of folks who were going to make me rich and famous played on my memory blackboard today. I can't say that I really believed any of them at the time. If I tell you I never wanted it, am I trying to convince me or you?

Trying to piece it all together now, I wouldn't change much. If I could. Oh, I should have been more careful choosing keys sometimes, I suppose. My pal, Jimmy LaFave, loves to torment me about being "geographically challenged." I guess L.A. or New York or Austin would have made more sense. London's nice and was always good to me.

In the big picture, though, if there is a big picture, I belong here. There are no gold records on the wall, no gold watch in my pocket. The girls never fought to see who could come home with me.

For the last fifty years I've blathered about saving the world. Big talk for a guy who can't learn to speak Spanish, fly a kite or stay married.

It's my only evidence of ambition.


1 comment:

  1. I think you should piggyback your way to Europe on Jimmy LaFave's next tour. They'd love you in Amsterdam and Stockholm and cities in between.