Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I Come From Wealth

My single mom raised me on her telephone company information operator's salary. I have trouble understanding the value of gold, diamonds and fur. Unless you're a lynx or a mink. Then I understand the fur value.

When it comes to real riches, though, I'm loaded. Fabulously wealthy. 

Kindness? I'm a kindness magnet. Always have been. 

I've been to lunch with Big Daddy and I've played Maybellene with the father of rock'n'roll. The Lone Ranger sat on Silver's back and gave me a mask.

Romance? I have failed so spectacularly that I would be cynical about love except for the lessons from all of the critters that have passed through my long life. Socially awkward? Maybe. So's Jamaica.

I've seen Oklahoma and I've seen Ireland.

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