Friday, January 20, 2017

The Victors

Maybe history is written by the victors. I don't know. Somebody forgot to tell Howard Zinn.

Me? Well, I went to segregated schools. I took the colored drinking fountains for granted and watched all of the African Americans trudge to the back of the bus. If the coach filled up they would even have to give up those seats for white women.

Yeah, I lived through nigger knocking, queer rolling, Spanish fly, all the way up to snuff films. I've watched politicians lie to get rich, sending other folks' kids off to die in wars to protect financial interests in oil.

I'm writing the history now. I'm singing about Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, Mr. Rogers, Rosa Parks, Meryl Streep, Dr. King, Gandhi and Jimmy Carter. I'm talking about slavery and ethnic cleansing. Oh, I hope it doesn't sound hopeless.

The weapon to extinguish love hasn't been developed. Einstein knew that all of the energy and all of the love were intertwined.

Get busy. Get out there. Love with all you've got.


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