Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Turnover

Nobody's passion lasts forever, to quote my veterinarian. If I steal a bank today and declare its assets mine, I'm off to a good start. If I terrorize all of the tellers and loan officers and the janitor and force them to work for free, my prospects for success in the banking industry zoom.

In fact my advantages over my competition will probably make my bank seem "exceptional."

If I continue to keep all of the assets as mine and tuck away most of the profits as well, eventually something will change. Especially if I have neglected the bank building. Mix in some gold plated plumbing fixtures in my private facilities and things get shaky. Especially if I've put energy into closing the staff's meager bathroom.

Here's where the vet's quote comes in. Read up on revolution. Wave goodbye to American exceptionalism. Now we'll see patriotism.

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