Sunday, January 29, 2017

Oh For A King

Wanted- heroes. Immediate opportunities in various locations around the world. Must be a self-starter. Formal training and education irrelevant. Good intentions and generous heart required.

How many citizens of this country can be convinced to finance walls along borders while health care is available to only a portion of our citizens?

Who, among us, is willing to pay taxes to finance wars to benefit petroleum companies while the perpetrators themselves avoid the taxes?

Which of you is willing to pay ten times what our neighbors in Canada pay for prescription drugs so that "investors" in pharmaceutical companies can afford to live in walled communities, hoping to avoid the inevitable?

Oh, I could go on. And on.

They have succeeded in dividing us irrevocably and probably forever. They can threaten North Korea with the BIG ONE but they can't drop it on Manhattan. Heck, they own stuff there.

Is there not one Republican senator or representative who recognizes his or her spot as Time's Person of the Year by being the one to announce, "Why, that bloated, orange psychopath has no clothes!"

They have tanks and bombs.

We have truth and science. 

Oh, and love. We have love.

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  1. Thanks for maintaining the faith of the common man. We all need each other. Rock on.