Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I Can See It From Here

When I think about what an honor, what a privilege, it has been for me to play my music for people for the last fifty some-odd years I am almost overcome with gratitude and joy. That first night could easily have been the last. 

Maybe I would never have had the nerve but my pals, Buddy and Eric, needed me. Their bass player, Charlie, claimed to be sick with the flu and they had a show at Madison Junior High. I will never forget the thrill of the intoxication that comes with rock'n'roll. It never changes for me.

There was a time when I dreaded lugging heavy equipment. Missing weekends. Strange beds and boring motels.

Now, I cherish every show. Every song I write, no matter how trite, seems like a grand gift from somewhere I've never been. It can still be hard for me to talk to someone I don't know but it is thrilling to meet so many kind and fascinating people.

While I'm babbling about people, let me say that I have worked with and for the most wonderful folks in the world. I can't begin listing all of the musicians, technical people, promoters, writers and photographers. Audiences. The list would be way too long at this point. Worse, I would be coming back to edit this post continually adding names that I forgot.

Of course this missive won't end up before many of the ones that I address. It's from my heart and it's for the ether. Thank you. I love you.