Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mudskirts and Crinolines

Well, boys, the fashion game was knocked back on its stilettos today once again when the private jet of Olga Groshnev skidded off the runway at Putin International in central Moscow and erupted into a melon/fuchsia fireball.

Ms. Groshnev, born Boris Badnook, a strapping communist, was charred beyond recognition in the year end disaster. Her beloved poodles, Thunder and Noogies, were the only survivors.

W reported that Ms. Groshnev's charred skeleton was removed from the smoldering hunk clad in charcoal shreds. There are no details available on the other passengers. The pilot, Bernard Dawson, was ejected through the windscreen and scattered on the tarmac.

The crash is under investigation but is being attributed to bad luck.

Ms. Groshnev is credited with the baloon dress revival in the Kremlin. Her signature vodka hues revitalized the stagnant haute couture scene in the former USSR.

No other details are available. Not now.


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