Sunday, April 12, 2015

Not Good Enough

Well, I suppose I've heard rock'n'roll all over the world. The stuff that comes from my hometown is as good as it gets. It's always been that way. For some reason the folks around here have never figured it out. Our community seems to have an inferiority complex that carries over into our musical set.

Our own Benny Joy is worshipped in that weird world that prays at the rockabilly altar. He always had trouble working around home.

Oh, I've heard all the cliches about your own hometown. At the same time I've visited places that were proud of their heroes. The community radio station here had the poor taste to put on a "Lone Star Music Festival" ten or twelve years back. Don't misunderstand me, I love most of the acts that they booked. In fact some of those folks are good friends of mine. The very idea, though, that a publicly funded radio station would bring in a day full of musical acts from another state bugged me badly. Free beer supplied for the station to sell in the 98 degree heat saved the event from economic disaster. Supplied, I should add, by a local brewery. It was a fine show. I just kept thinking of going to Austin and finding a "Florida Music Festival" taking place.

At this point in life I can't kick. If I hadn't loved this place I would have left it. Next time I see a wildly talented, young musician around here, I hope he or she's mobbed. We need our hometown heroes.

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