Monday, April 20, 2015

New York- Hey, Hey

Funny thing about death... oh, wait. There's nothing funny about it, is there? I suppose we're all scared of anything that we don't understand. My pal, Rodney Justo and I kept kidding around the other night about pictures taken of us together. We had been sorting through old photos of each of us with rock'n'rollers from our past. In most of them either of us was the only surviving subject from the picture. Seemed like a good idea to keep anyone from taking one of us together. Of course it happened anyway. Eventually one of us will croak. Mark my word!

This is the only recording of the two of us together. Our studio time at Decca in New York was scheduled for 9:00 am. Noah's Ark had played the previous evening at the Scene on a bill with the Candymen, Tiny Tim, Blood Sweat & Tears and Van Morrison. Rodney had gotten us booked for the show. The Candymen were the darlings of the hip set in Manhattan at that time. Rodney had promised that he would get Dean Daughtery for our session to sing some high harmony. When he failed to get Dean up for the early session, he came to sing, himself.

Fine with me. I think Rodney is about the best singer in the world. He does, too.

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