Friday, April 24, 2015

From Me To You

Maybe I should be ashamed of being so hokey, such a cornball. I'm not. It's one thing to understand that you're out of step with fashion. Not any part of any in crowd. It's altogether something else to flaunt your outsider status.

Unburdened by talent, I write, I play, I sing. Knowing as much about theater as I do music I work on screenplays. I'm not gonna play around with brain surgery or rocket science because, honestly, they bore me. Plus, somebody could get hurt.

Today I'll play music that I love on the radio. I don't know anything about radio. Oh, you know, I do in that I grew up with the radio shaping my taste, my personality, my character. What I mean is that I have no real background in radio.

The fact that I get to share this stuff with folks out there thrills me. I am truly honored and humbled for the opportunity. I don't search for the obscure. I play the stuff I love. Some of it comes from hit records. Some of it was never released when it was recorded.

I still remember my record producer, Phil Gernhard, telling us, "Wait until you have your first hit on the radio. It is the most exciting, thrilling thing on earth. It only happens once."

Well, sir, after more than fifty years of doing this, it has never happened. Does that make me sad? See, I went into this business like every other fool, to pick up girls. That never happened either.

I wouldn't trade places with anybody. I love you.

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