Saturday, November 29, 2014

Heigh Ho

So, tonight I go to work. When you can't wait to show up for your job, life is good, huh? I'm playing with my pals in Chinese Mary Jane. That would be Rebekah Pulley, Rob Pastore, Spencer Hinkle and Steve Connelly. They're magnificent musicians and even finer human beings.

I've been surrounded by magical musicians and beautiful folks since I was a kid. A long time.

We're gonna play a lot of stuff that I've always wanted to play and somehow, never got around to it. There's plenty of it.

To make a swell situation even sweeter, we're playing at the Hideaway Cafe in downtown St. Pete. What a beautiful listening room. Again, all terrific people, too. 

Finally, I'm embarrassed to brag, but the folks who come to share the music and the love with me are the best in the world. Love for all you're worth. You'll be richer for it.

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