Sunday, November 2, 2014

Did You Miss Me?

Of all the sad memories of loss, none hurts me more than Orangey Boy. He was Charcoal's brother and he depended on me and that cat to help him get by in life. He was fun and he was a good boy but he was never really playing with a full deck. He escaped during my last move, twenty years ago. I still miss him.

Well, Jamaica and I spent last night in the new house but we did it without Angel. About half an hour ago I went back to the other house and scooped her up. I was ready for a clawing and I got one. Oh, she wouldn't hurt me on purpose but all the flailing and swinging rips some flesh, I'll tell you. I wasn't gonna turn that kitty loose for anything.

Now we're all here and life starts a new chapter. I'm calling this joint the Land O' Love.


  1. Good luck with the new place Ronny! Hope the "castle" works out for the long term.

  2. Had the same prob with Beaux when we moved just down the road to the new house. Had to go and fetch him three times before it "took".