Thursday, November 6, 2014

Alpha Males and Psychopaths

It suddenly occurs to me that alpha males see all other males as a threat and just naturally assume that every guy is up to their tricks. The only real symptom of psychopathy is a total lack of empathy. Psychopaths have no concept of caring. Therefore, their world seems to be full of psychopaths. They think that they're just better at it than the rest of us. If they're good at it, they learn to shed a tear at the appropriate time when a puppy gets run over or a president gets shot down.

How lucky a man is to be driven by passion and compassion. Of course, most of us are. Love hard. You have to take up the slack for places like Washington, D.C., where the proportion of psychopaths is out of whack. That's not to mention the alpha males, including some in dresses and pantyhose.

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