Thursday, October 23, 2014

Oh, The Radio Waves

Well, sir, there's pressure to make me feel insecure, inadequate. I may very well be. My so called writing has never won anything. You've never heard a single song of mine on Your Hit Parade. I had the best teachers in the world for love but I never learned a single thing about romance.

Well, I know how to clap along with the music so that I don't give myself away as a white person. I usually manage to keep my pants on at social gatherings. Calm down, I didn't say always.

It seems that I have not always lived up to expectations. I've tried. Everything was always available for me. Sometimes I fear that living a life true to what you believe is pretty much the same as laying about. I should tell you that I've never fallen out of love. I read Romeo and Juliet and I cry. I listen to Shirley and Lee, the Sweethearts of the Blues, and I bawl. They weren't even a couple.

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