Sunday, October 19, 2014


Pretty sure that I've told you about crying as a kid whenever company would leave. Even Uncle Jakie, Grandma's brother, and his tiny little shrill wife, Annie. Yeah, I'm big on company.

Let me admit that I'm weird about neighbors, too. Of course I've been in this same house for so long that some of my favorites here have gone on and I don't just mean to another neighborhood. My neighbors are spectacular. I guess I'm always lucky like that.

When I told the mayor, who lives across the street, that I was moving I could see the smile that he politely tried to suppress. If nothing else, I'm sure that he imagined property values on the rise.

As I was showing someone around my jungle awhile back, she remarked, "You better be careful. They're gonna start thinking of you as that crazy old man on the corner."

Too late!

I've stayed here until I am that crazy old man on the corner. Oh, I'm gonna come back and visit. These are the best neighbors in the world. Hizzoner, too. If he ever needs help in his career, I hope that I may help. Really. 

Love thy neighbor. Heck, love everybody.

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