Friday, October 3, 2014

A Running Start

When I think of all the joy that Little Richard records brought me as a kid, I get chills. Growing up, Elvis was my role model. I guess he still is. The Beatles changed my life in the most profound ways and I learned far more about life from those four than I ever did in any school classroom.

Yeah, I could blather on and talk about Hank Williams, Louis Jordan, Chuck Berry and Bill Haley. I wouldn't know where to stop.

If I could ever think that I made a single person happy for just a minute or that I had opened a floodgate of tears with a weeper, I would be satisfied. You paint because you have to. You sculpt because you have no choice.

There comes a time when you look over your shoulder to see if you've touched anyone. My life's work is all about love. My degree's in geography. I don't know much about that, either.

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