Thursday, September 18, 2014

She Shot Silver Angels

None of us like to think that we're slow, dumb, below average. In fact, I listened to a good friend pontificate the other day on the theory that all of us have a need to feel superior, in one way or another, to the folks around us.

When it comes to technology, though, you can put me in the remedial group. Oh, I have nothing against it. It's really just that I so love the mystery.

The needle wiggles in the groove in the plastic and Elvis sings. No wonder Nipper sits there with his head cocked at the RCA speaker- Elvis is dead! Left the building.

Splitting the atom? Fission? String theory, time travel, relativity? Don't bother me. I glory at the mystery of the thermos, the pencil- hey, I'm amazed at fire.

For me, the beauty of the universe is all tied up in the mystery. I don't care what causes my heart to jump when Fats Domino sings or my pulse to race when a pretty girl comes into the room. Yeah, you can call it biology or technology to begin shutting me up but it will always be magic to me. I see it all in concentric circles with love at the center. Thanks for the psilocybin, Peggy. It's been a long time.

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