Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dark At The End Of The Tunnel

So I sat with an old pal yesterday and listened while he told me just how miserable I had been for an extended period and how much he had worried about me. It sounded familiar. Now I'm no poster boy for mental health on a good day, if there are any good days, but this was stuff that I could barely listen to.

None of us break hearts on purpose. Sometimes, though, the utter loneliness that comes with unrequited love turns off that light in the heart and leaves such wreck and despair that nothing out there flickers.

Once you've been there you'll never forget it. After awhile it all becomes rejection. Nothing matters but the hurt. I'm a lucky one. I had friends coming from all over the country to sit with me in person to measure the situation for themselves.

Just like there's enough food to feed the world if we do it right, there's enough love to get us through the night, too. Enough of this war crap. Who cares about that stupid Apple watch. I have no interest in your new Volvo. Love isn't cheap, it's free. Get busy. I say that with all the love in my heart.

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