Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fame and Stuff

It doesn't seem right to me, somehow, that I can name players from baseball teams in the 1950's and I'm unable to tell you my garbage man's name. I'm ashamed that I even refer to him as "my garbage man." I know who played fiddle in Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys but I can't put a proper name on any of the hospice workers that I've ever met.

Everybody's a hero. I know that. The beauty and the dignity of everyone that you meet is right there if you can slow down to enjoy it.

Animals? Don't get me started.

Listen to the music. I mean really listen. Smell the air. It's September. Remember what it felt like when school had just started and you could feel the air changing?

It's all energy and it's all love. There really isn't anything else. Use your love. Waste it. Wake up.

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