Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Just Shout 'Bama

It's all in the water, isn't it? There are far more good folks out there than bad ones. Somehow, though, we seem to let the bad ones make the rules and run the game. Those creeps who butted in line and took your lunch money while you were in Phys Ed took over the governments. The churches, too! They control our airwaves and they've wrangled the worldwide web from us. I'm not proud to tell you that they have controlled the music industry since money was first made from music. All the arts, in fact. By that I mean the art business. In my eyes, it's either art or it's business. Nobody asks me.

Keep all your cash in love. That's my advice to you. To quote ol' Jett Rink, "I'm a rich 'un."

1 comment:

  1. Making art has nothing to do with making money....thanks again, ronny....peace and love....your blogs keep me going...