Sunday, June 22, 2014


Forget google glass. I'm seeing through my child's eyes again or, at least, I'm trying. Oh, I don't have any kids. I'm referring to to the innocence that allowed us to see what was really in front of us before the grown up world fogged it up.

I was loved and I was nurtured. Nobody lied to me except for stories about Santa and the Easter Bunny. Well, I was a lucky one. I love folks who weren't so lucky. I'm referring to innocent victims who had their youth stolen from them, usually from the ones who had suffered the same thing.

On the broader front we have power brokers who will lie to us to make money or improve their social standing. I would mention a former vice president who comes to mind but I don't want to fall into that trap and waller in that mud.

Yeah, somehow I'm seeing the real person, the kid, when I'm talking to people now. Oh, I'm sure that I can be fooled. Lord knows I've been fooled. I talk to some naughty kids but I surely don't find many evil ones.

There's still treasure buried out there. You just have to open your heart to find it. Rock'n'roll's dead. I've said that for some time now. That's not sad. Alan Freed began "selling" it a long time ago. That beautiful music that always changes the world and saves souls is with us. I saw and heard plenty of it last night. The only thing to bury is that business concept that Rick Rubin and Clive Davis sold at the top of the market to those greedy ones who don't have any interest in the beauty or the music to begin with. The internet leveled the field. Oh, folks are downloading my music for free? Well, I've been giving it away since before it was fashionable. I see that BMI just deposited $2.34 into my checking account so I guess, technically, I'm not really giving anything away.

Now, I'm aware that this is something of a ramble, even for me. If you're asking yourself, "Is he talking about love or innocence or business or politics or art?," the answer is yes.

If you love hard enough, there is no judgement. You can't stop love.

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