Saturday, June 21, 2014


Comic book light bulbs don't appear over my cranium very often. I've only had a few true ah ha moments in this life. Well, I just had one. I am truly grateful. I've seen Havana and I've seen Dunoon. I've lost the great love of my life and I've heard the most beautiful music ever made.

We all need a purpose, right? Maybe some of us more than others. I wanted to join the Peace Corps as a young man but couldn't get up the nerve. I couldn't figure out what I might offer anyone in some other culture. I can't really do anything.

All the aptitude tests pointed to me preaching. Well, I can't. I don't believe anything. No, that's not right. I believe everything. It's all love. Unfortunately, there's no such church. Maybe Lord Buckley's Church Of The Living Swing, but that's his church.

Suddenly, hidden in some innocuous article, I see a cryptic message about joy in service. I wasn't created to make money, sell records or make history. Sour grapes? Maybe a little. Rationalization for laziness? Probably.

This is all for you. I'm probably the luckiest guy in the world. I wish I could paint widows' houses and patch the roofs in tornadoes' paths. Yeah, Mother Teresa had a bigger task. She had a bigger heart and broader shoulders. She was quoted as saying, though, "Life is a song. Sing it."

As usual, I'm where I'm supposed to be. Tell everybody everything you know about love.

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