Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is He Dead?

"Hey. You wanna be on a tribute CD for Peter Case?" I recognized the low bellow of my pal, Chuck Prophet.

"Did Peter die?" I gasped.

"No, he didn't die. Do you wanna do this or not? You'll have to have the finished cut, mastered and everything, in the hands of the charity that's doing this by the end of the week. It's Hungry For Music in D.C."

Well, I still don't know why we did a tribute record but I do like Peter and the charity is a fine one. The three disc set turned out a beautiful piece, too. I had never realized just how many great songs he had written. 

Last time I saw Peter was at the CD Release party at the Cactus Cafe in Austin. Fine show, too. I don't remember everyone on the bill. I was over served. I recall watching sets by James McMurtry, Joe Ely, Peter Mulvey and Gurf Morlix. I remember that Peter brought James Hunter along with him. Most of what I remember about my set was ranting somewhat obnoxiously about Dick Clark and No Depression. What's new?

Last time I saw Chuck was last Saturday night. He's supposed to be finishing a track for a Ronny Elliott tribute CD, put together by Hungry For Music. His cut was due two years ago.

My cut, Horse And Crow, from the Peter Case tribute record, A Case For Case.

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