Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Giggles In The Ether, Guffaws In The Ectoplasm

My seemingly bottomless well of sadness provides all of the inspiration that I need for my life's work. I have always read that most of the comedy comes from tragedy, from loss and from loneliness. I remember listening to a little flexible disc of an interview with Elvis. It came on the cover of a magazine, Elvis Speaks, that I bought in 1956.

Elvis told the interviewer that sometimes he was lonely in the middle of a crowd. I never forgot that. Maybe the saddest thing I ever read.

I suppose that Elvis Presley has had more to do with shaping my life than all of the prophets and politicians put together. I always wanted to play rock'n'roll. I never wanted to be sad. I never meant to be lonely.

Well, I've got a new batch of songs and I'm trying to finish up a new record with The Nationals and the rest of the usual suspects. I would love to report that it's all about romance and rainbows. It's not.

I choose to be happy. I hope I get good at it.


  1. Wody Allen said comedy is tragedy plus time. I rarely look to Woddy Allen for answers but he's made more money than me, so that's something.
    Also, I want to be on the record. Can I do handclaps or bang on a tambourine or something?