Monday, February 13, 2017

Lightning Bugs In Jars

Do you suppose that little girls keep diaries these days? Everything I've dreamed of has come my way and that's what I'm wondering about. Oh, I suppose that I think about death now and then. No more than I did thirty years ago but now we're on much closer terms.

It's hard to be honest unless you never change your mind and I change my mind more often than I do my hairdo. I've always maintained that I will tell anybody anything. I'm finding out that that's not altogether true.

Half the battle is staying awake and I'm usually about half-awake. Does that make me about a quarter alive or about three quarters dead? It's those pesky word problems that kept you out of the PhD program.

Pray for peace and search for truth.

1 comment:

  1. I started out burningly shy and only survived by learning Funny. And ever since I too will tell anybody anything as long as I can make it amusing, regardless of the truth of the matter. But then, who ever said all recollections were only true if they weren't funny? I remember when I was in art college, I was telling someone about a friend who'd gotten her hair caught in a potter's wheel and scooted off to the nurse's office and greeted with the usual medical diagnosis: "Do you need some Darvon?" Someone wandered into the room and laughed like crazy about what I'd said. He later told my friend "I was there when that happened - but I didn't remember it being that funny!"