Saturday, February 18, 2017

Dunk Tank Clowns and Evening Gowns

If this is what it takes to make decency and empathy fashionable, bring it on. Lack of education doesn't make a fella deplorable. It doesn't hurt, though. We've crept to the right since I was a kid. Ike was left of Barack. Yeah, he was a Republican. A war hero. He was also a studied, decent man. He ran against a brighter man, off to his left.

Now, I don't want to write about politics. I don't want to think about politics. Until we change this racket that draws the lowest form of psychopaths in search of cash and power, though, it stays on my mind. Who on earth declared these fuckwads world leaders?

Fortunately there are heroes in the streets. We're gonna have a press again. Stock prices for the soaring New York Times are doing fine, thank you.

When my check for this blog clears, I'm having a kir royale and a Cohiba. Thanks, Mr. Soros.

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