Sunday, February 5, 2017

Good Looks and Good Luck

While I've whined for a decade about the demise of rock'n'roll, Western civilization has been been eroding before our eyes. Similar story lines. Psychopaths seeking power take over the institutions. Clive Davis, Mitch McConnell- what's the difference? Who cares?

The first time I ever played in New York I was a nervous wreck. Surely the truly hip would recognize us as hillbilly posers and reject us. When they seemed to like us I sighed with a sense of relief that has lasted fifty years or so.

Rock'n'roll has had problems as it grew up and grew old. Who don't? The governments of the West have struggled, too. Inevitable problems are easily held up as diversions by despots and charlatans who want more than their share of the pie.

There really is one of us born every minute.

My advice? Love. Resist. Drag your feet and keep an eye out for karma.

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