Friday, November 25, 2016

You Call This Happy?

Me? I'm for the good times. You know- wars end and sailors kiss pretty strangers on the street. I watch men I don't know bid five, ten, fifteen million dollars for old cars on TV. Oh, they're not to drive to work or for little road trips. They're just to own.

Of course I see the same homeless families on the street that you do. I wake up early worrying about the children in Aleppo. Knowing that we round up stray, abandoned pets for euthanasia is never far from the front of my mind.

Somehow I have always been one of those people who has everything he wants and more than he needs.

If you can't share what you own with the others, share your love. No spare change? Give him a smile. Give her a hug. We're all in it together. You're not driving that Bugatti to the corner. You're certainly not taking it to heaven.

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