Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Here's Your Change, Sir

On a regular basis I decide to quit writing this stuff. To tell you the truth, I still don't understand what a blog is. As I remember it I was trying to subscribe to some esoteric website and the screen asked me, "Do you want to start your own blog?"

"Well, sure," I thought. Next thing you know I've done this stuff about a thousand times and I'm pretty sure that I've written the same few ideas down, two or three hundred times each.

Let's see, I whine about my broken heart and then I reminisce about some rock'n'roll show from decades back. Peace and love always seem to work their way into the dribble and, for that, I'm okay.

I'm pretty sure that what keeps me rolling is my tendency to change my mind. You know, the definition of liberal is merely maintaining an open mind. Well, sir, it don't get much more liberal than old George Ronald Elliott.

For the last day or two I've been fretting that there is no such thing as romance. Maybe it's just a concept to sell books to adolescent girls who wouldn't read without this myth. Me? Well, maybe they just don't tell me like they don't ever level with mentally challenged kids about Santa and the Easter bunny. Maybe I'm better off. Falling hurts. 

One thing I know: this has given me the opportunity to tell lots of folks that I love them and I do. I know that it's naive but this is the most important thing I do. I love you.

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