Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Here's All I've Got

Think before you speak. Yeah, I suppose I've heard that all my life. Probably make someone a really fine new year's resolution. Not much thought goes into anything that I say or do. Oh, I'm not bragging here and I surely hope that I never hurt anyone by blurting out something dumb.

Here's my take on all this. No, I mean all this. If you could back up enough, you would see all of us bouncing off each other like atoms do with one another. Every single action that you take, or don't, affects every other living being on the planet. I'm not sure if this makes me feel uncomfortable with my power or insignificant in my situation.

Yoko Ono ran another of her famous full page ads in the New York Times again on Sunday. How can it be that the most rational thoughts out there seem to come from this woman who so much of the world has vilified? She points out, again, that all of our power rests in our ability to have love and peace in our own being. That's how we save the world.

Get busy. Love. Come on- you can do better than that.

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