Monday, January 12, 2015

Designed By Women

Well sir, the story goes that the designers and engineers at Chrysler came up with the PT Cruiser to peddle to women. Most of the women of the world despised the little thing. Chrysler ended up selling a blue gazillion of the things to middle aged men who no longer buy little red sports cars.

A therapist once said to me, "Women like you. Women like men who have been raised by women."

Yeah, unfortunately she finished her sentence but not the paragraph. After a string of broken hearts following that therapy session I stumbled across some renowned psychiatrist on NPR explaining that men raised by women tend to be passive and fail in personal relationships.

Seems I'm okay for a movie and maybe a bite on the way home. After that I fall into the brussel sprouts, Chartreuse, polka category. 

Call me if you wanna go see a movie.

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