Wednesday, July 2, 2014

No Agenda

Now I worry that I've done things to get what I wanted, what I thought I needed. Maybe I've learned a lesson. I won't love to be loved. I won't be polite to be asked back.

Don't worry. I'm not planning to rob banks or kick children. I just want to be conscious of every endeavor and I want to act from the heart.

Pretty sure that I've never really played my music to get rich. Oh, I need to make a living but every note will be consciously played for the joy of it in the future. I suppose that makes me rich in the big picture.

I loved the nineteen year old Brigitte Bardot. She never loved me back. It never made me angry or hurt my feelings. There was a lesson put right before me. I never saw it.

I'm gonna play the prettiest music that I can squeeze out of the ether and my friends and I'm gonna love so hard that the earth moves and I'm doing all of this because I can.

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