Friday, July 18, 2014

Golden Age Of Rap

Maybe you think I don't get tired of listening to young, condescending, well meaning chumps trying to educate me regarding the virtues of hip hop. I suppose that they assume that being white and older than dirt, I don't know diddley, pardon the pun, about real rap.

If I had more patience I would sit them down, one at a time, and tell them where it came from. Hey, I'm talking about the good stuff. The really good stuff.

Have they listened to Louis Jordan, Woody Guthrie, Bo Diddley, Nervous Norvus, Dave Bartholomew?

Hey, I'm no sentimental, nostalgist. I just like the best of everything. When one of those jokers makes a record that stands up to "Beware" or "Transfusion" or "Say, Man" wake me up, roll me over.

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  1. Word. (I think I'm using that correctly...what I mean to say is, 'right on'!)