Thursday, July 3, 2014

Never Worked A Day

Okay, so maybe the Rubik's Cube wasn't made for me. I never received an invitation to Mensa Society in the mail. If I sit at the table long enough at Cracker Barrel I might qualify as something close to human with the little golf tee toy. So what?

It finally occurs to me that all of the lessons are there, right before our eyes, all of the time. You see them when you're ready for them.

Luckily, I learned a few of the important ones early on. This has left me out of step but I'm not complaining. There are no good wars. Grandma taught me that. Love is more important than anything else. She showed me that, too. All of the magic and all of the secrets are in the rock'n'roll. Mom showed me that one. It has kept me from ever working a day in my life.

Oh, I've toted some melons and I've scooped some mud. I've mopped some floors and bagged some groceries, too. I've sold some stuff, not much but some, and I've bossed a few folks around. Looking back, those were just exercises so that I would have something to write about.

Now I finally understand something about love. Romance, I mean. All of my failures have had something to do with the reciprocal end of it. Through the fog I finally see that that end has nothing to do with me. My role is to love. If someone loves me back, well, fine. Now I know what you're thinking- he hasn't learned a thing!

I have, too. As I look around at the relationships in front of me, I don't want any of that. I'm afraid that I see lots of folks hanging around with people that they don't want to be around because they are afraid to change anything. Sad.

From here on out I just love.

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