Saturday, July 27, 2013

Let's Play

Okay, so I'm trying to be a grownup and trying to make a living. I'm selling real estate. This British kid, Pete Flynn, gets pushed off on me. He's come over on holiday and thinks he should move here and open a bar on the beach. I don't know any better and next thing you know, he's staying with me and we're deciding that he needs to be right down the street on Davis Island. Well, I'm still here on Davis Island and Peter is back home in Sheffield. His heart is still here, though.

Any time that I play in England, he makes a point of catching my show. He has journeyed into Manchester twice that I can remember and London at least once. He is a fine, true friend.

Tonight I'm back at Yeoman's Road, the joint that Pete opened right down the street all those years ago. I don't get to play all night in bars much any more. I'll make up for it tonight. My pal, Harry, is on the bill with me. Lots and lots of memories and stories that you really wouldn't believe. Maybe we'll tell them tonight.

I don't know the question but love is the answer. I promise.

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