Friday, November 15, 2013

The British Were Coming

It's almost impossible for me to imagine my life without the British Invasion. Elvis had changed my life once. I grew up knowing from the third grade that I wasn't like the rest of them. That can be hard on a kid. Really hard if one of the differences is that you're more sensitive than the rest.

Elvis was God, simple as that. He justified my sneer and my guitar and my attitude but that was it. In my monotheistic world there would always be only one Elvis. True today.

Oh, I had plenty of other heroes. Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Little Richard and Fats Domino. I was even less like them. I suppose that I resigned myself to living my life as a spectator. Seems that I was caught in a no man's land. Not like the others, not invited to the party.

The Beatles changed it all. They brought me my own American music. I had only known the name, Arthur Alexander, as the guy who wrote Every Day I Have To Cry that was something of a hit for Steve Alaimo. Oh yeah, I was a big Carl Perkins fan but I hadn't even heard Honey Don't.

They were young guys, white guys. They wrote songs and acted silly. They didn't dress or talk like the rest of them. Girls loved them.

Well, I've either wasted a life or I have had the most amazing ride in the world, depending on the day that you ask me. I never got the girls. I never made any money. I wouldn't change a thing. Oh, wait- I would love to get the girl.

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