Sunday, November 24, 2013

No Club, Lone Wolf

Re-invent yourself. Yeah, good plan. I surely admire the ones who can, the ones who have. Me? I have to wade through long droughts of bleak nothing, waiting for some part of my "show" to become fashionable again. Then it lasts for a short time and I'm back to familiar ground. As I examine my repertoire I'm lucky to have ever had anything at all. Someone recently noticed, "That sounds like something you wrote before." 

Yeah. They all do!

If it sounds like I'm whining and feeling sorry for myself, you're right. It's not this music business crap; my real life works the same way. The two are joined at the hip. My "act" is who I am. Oh, for the makeover. What I wouldn't give to be the suave leading man. You know, the one who gets the girl.

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