Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Study The Stars

Okay, here's what I think: the sex industry doesn't have much to do with the glory of sex but it can't destroy the real thing. In the same way the music business has little to do with real music but real music keeps coming back. 

I can't help noticing that really old pornography is dirty. Fun, too. By the time some bald guy in LA began lining up the money shot where the dwarf clown cums on the pretty girl's back while she rolls her eyes back in her head and hollers, the formula had pretty much shot its load, pun intended. My pal, Ed Brown, explained to me long ago that the classic nude art from the past was the porn of its day. Of course it was. Folks began to disrobe and mount each other as soon as we had the movie camera, too. Thanks, Thomas Alva.

The public began worrying about music going away when the radio and the phonograph record showed up. What's music that's not live? Then when sheet music lost its grip it was obvious that we were done.

Well, you can't have idiots and lawyers cramming stuff down the public's throat forever and expect them to keep shelling out money for junk. Ahmet and Art and Leonard and Phil and Lew may have been crooks... no, wait, they were crooks; but they were music lovers, too. In fact, they were music lovers above all else.

We don't know yet what the new business model for music will look like. You can safely bet that it will come from kids and it will involve the internet. Fun will come way before money. Then when some old fool recognizes an opportunity the decline will start again. 

Business and art? Oil and water.

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