Thursday, August 29, 2013

Artists' Dreams

Getting through this tunnel that we call life sure challenges the soul, doesn't it? No matter how much I look for peace and tranquility in my situation I seem to look across the checkerboard at some kind of gotcha' grin every day or two. Yesterday it was the city code enforcement lackey who asked why I didn't have a broad expanse of St. Augustine grass in my parkway since all of my neighbors did. Well, I wouldn't have any problem with some fellow out to do his job who wanted me to clean up a mess and improve the neighborhood. This guy wanted to let me know immediately that he didn't like me and that my work would be complete when he liked what I had done. No rules, no specifics, just please him.

Now, if I'm not mistaken, he works for me. I'm a good citizen. I've been in this house for twenty years. I'm proud of my yard and I work to take care of it. The parkway is in a transition just now. I have planted and moved many things over the last few months. Honestly, it needs some trimming and cleaning, too. We've had lots of rain and some things are really flourishing. Nothing is haphazard or neglected, though. Folks often stop me in my yard to tell me how much they appreciate and enjoy my landscaping.

I'm not interested in fighting with this bureaucrat. I want to enjoy my yard.

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