Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On Growing Old

Spent some time this morning watching babies, yeah, literally babies, getting dunked under water and spun around to disorient them. It is part of a program to teach infants to turn over so that they float on their backs. Infants drown because they float on the surface or even lie in the puddle or tub with their faces in the water. Once a kid has learned to flip himself over onto his back, he will float and can maintain the position for a long time. Lots of children's lives are being saved here.

They cry. Of course they cry. It's all terrifying. Funny thing is that every time one of them began wailing I found tears running down my face, too. I suppose that it's just an introduction to the world outside of mom's arms. Don't we all long for the complete security of caring and unconditional love?

The concept of pure love dominates my thoughts lately. It's as though the idea, obvious as it is, has never spent time in the front of my mind. It transcends all religion, philosophy, politics and all dogma. We need to use it for good. 

There are hungry folks to be fed, wars to end, animals to save. We all know someone who needs love and lots of it. There are no more important tasks out there. Sometimes it's hard to see how writing hillbilly songs  can help. We all do what we have to do, however.

Don't hoard your riches and don't spare the love. Forgive someone. Nobody has to teach you any of it. You can go to heaven, whatever you think that is, right now and you don't have to kick the bucket to get there. Love.


  1. what a great song this would make!

  2. It's what I always have in mind. Active imagination distracts me and leads to murder, dance and underwear. Oh well.