Tuesday, April 10, 2012

God Bless The Crazy Cajun

Doing a live radio interview with my pal, Larry Winters, at KPFT in Houston, the phone rang while I was playing a song about growing up with rock'n'roll. When I finished up Larry said, "It was for you."

Who would be calling me while I was on the radio a long way from home. Larry said that I would probably want to return the call when we got off the air.

It had been Huey P. Meaux, the "Crazy Cajun," and one of my heroes. Larry and Huey had once done a show together on KPFT. That was before the authorities picked Huey up for molesting his step children and supplying them with drugs. He had only recently been released and told me that he was still wearing the electronic tracking anklet.

He knew my music and told me that he cried when I sang about "Sir" Doug. Huey had produced the Sir Douglas Quintet and had remained a father figure and mentor to Doug Sahm for all of his life. 

He wrote me a letter when I got home. It was sweet and kind and interesting. He loved the music. I don't put much stock in the record producer mystique but I make an exception for Huey. 

It's very difficult to separate the kind man who befriended me from the monster who took the innocence from several kids who trusted him. My friend, Joe Nick Patoski, who has written so brilliantly of the sordid affairs, struggles with the same issues. 

It's a crazy, sad world out there. Help fix it all with love.

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